R4.5 Greenstuf® Polyester Ceiling Insulation Batts


GreenStuf thermal ceiling insulation batts are made from 100% polyester thermal insulation segments pre-cut to fit common ceilings joist spacings.

R-Value Width Thickness Pack Batts
(mm) (mm) (m²)
4.5 430 210 2 4
4.5 580 210 2.7 4
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GreenStuf R4.5 Ceiling Batts

GreenStuf R4.5 is a premium grade insulation, suitable for houses where the ceiling joists are spaced at 45cm centres. GreenStuf is manufactured from 100% polyester, and is a clean, safe and environmentally friend product. Though technically a ceiling batt, Autex R4.5 insulation can also be installed between floors, helping to minimise temperature loss between floors, and of course lessen sound transfer between the levels of the house. GreenStuf insulation batts are ideal for the thermal insulation of both commercial and residential buildings.

Reduce Heat Loss by up to 40%

In addition to it’s excellent thermal properties (GreenStuf R4.5 batts can reduce heat loss by as much as 40%!)  they will also help address acoustic issues by limiting any resonating noise within the construction cavity. GreenStuf R4.5 comes pre-packed for easy storage and transport. They are Non Toxic, Non Allergenic, Non Irritant, won’t catch fire, and for added good measure, all GreenStuf insulation is naturally resistant to insects and vermin. Each GreenStuf polyester insulation batt includes manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulation.

Absolutely no protective equipment is required when handling GreenStuf –  however if you are working on a building site or in a cramped space such as a ceiling loft, then you should always wear personal protective equipment suitable for the environment you are working in. If you have any questions or would like to place an order for GreenStuf or any of the other products available on our online store, don’t hesitate to contact us!