R3.5 Knauf Earthwool® Thermal Ceiling Insulation Batts


R3.5 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Insulation is softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation for the ceiling of your home.

R-Value Width Thickness (mm) Pack Batts
(mm) (m²)
3 430 145 11.47 23
3 580 145 15.47 23
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Ceiling Insulation is First Priority

Most Australian homes will have a ceiling lined with plasterboard or a similar lining. While materials such as plasterboard and timber are well suited for their purpose, they are very poor insulators, with the result that the overheated roof-space will quickly begin to have an effect on the living areas below. The solution to this is of course ceiling insulation.

Earthwool ceiling insulation comes in different widths and thicknesses to suit the common joist height and spacing. It comes in compressed packaging for easy transportation. These robust poly bags also include instructions for installing the insulation yourself. If you are planning to install ceiling insulation yourself, don’t forget to check out Knauf’s DIY Safety Instructions and Precautions before you start. R3.5 Earthwool Ceiling Insulation Batts are an excellent choice for DIY home owners who want to save money on power bills.

R3.5 Insulation is Best for New or Existing Homes

Earthwool R3.5 thermal insulation batts are easy to install in new and existing houses. If installing in a new home, it’s generally easier to install the insulation batts (from underneath) prior to the ceiling lining being fixed into place. For existing homes (retrofit) you will usually not have this option, to the insulation bags will need to be installed via the ceiling space, which is usually accessed via the manhole.

The ceiling insulation comes in variety of widths and thicknesses to suit the common joist height and spacing. Earthwool ceiling insulation comes in compressed pack (insulation batts) for easy transport. Earthwool Ceiling Insulation Batts are packaged in tough poly bags, which also include simple instructions for installing ceiling insulation in your home. Don’t forget to watch our DIY Videos before you commence, as these contain lots of useful tips and tricks for DIY installers.

R3.5 Knauf Insulation batts can be used in timber and metal frame applications in residential structures. As with all bulk insulation, Knauf Earthwool ceiling insulation also reduces the transmission of some of the outside noise into the home. All Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Insulation Batts are odourless, non-combustible, rot proof, non-hygroscopic, won’t sustain vermin and neither will they encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria in your roof.