R3.1 Bradford SoundScreen Acoustic Insulation Batts


Installing SoundScreen acoustic sound insulation in your home can effectively reduce noise transfer by up to 75% to create a quiet and peaceful home.

R-Value Width Thickness Pack Batts
(mm) (mm) (m²)
3.1 430 110 3 6
3.1 580 110 4 6
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Bradford R3.1 – Soundscreen Insulation

The name says it all – CSR Bradford’s R3.1 Insulation is designed and manufactured specifically to reduce and to minimise the transmission of undesirable noise – both into and throughout the home. The “R-3.1” is a measure of the insulation’s thermal protective value, and is unrelated to how effective a sound blocker the insulation is. However since the R-Value will often correspond to the thickness of the insulation – and the thickness of the insulation is one of the factors which gives it sound blocking properties – these two ‘performance properties’ will often correlate closely. There’s no doubt that the 110mm thick R3.1 insulation Soundscreen batt is one of the most high performing acoustic wall batts. Before you go ahead and order, make sure you have enough room in your wall cavities, keeping in mind that squeezing a 110mm insulation batt into a 90mm wall cavity is definitely not recommended.

By installing CSR SoundScreen insulation you can effectively lower noise transmission by up to 85% creating a far more quiet and peaceful living environment. R3.1 SoundScreen sound insulation is perfect to install in internal walls or even  between floors of double story homes to stop unwanted noise. Ideally, you should install acoustic insulation at the time of construction or renovation.

CSR Soundscreen Insulation at Wholesale Prices

At Oz Homes Insulation we supply the following CSR Soundscreen insulation in 430mm and 580mm widths at discounted prices:

  • R1.7 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 60mm thick
    Reduce sound transfer by up to 50 per cent
  • R2.0 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 25.7kg/m3 Batts – 70mm thick
    Reduce sound transfer by up to 70 per cent
  • R2.5 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 88mm thick
    Reduce sound transfer by up to 75 per cent
  • R3.1 Soundscreen™ Acoustic Insulation 24kg/m3 Batts – 110mm thick
    Reduce sound transfer by up to 85 per cent