R2.5 Greenstuf® Polyester Sound Solution® Acoustic Insulation


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Autex GreenStuf R2.5 Insulation – Sound Solution

GreenStuf Sound Solution R2.5 insulation is a 100% polyester acoustic insulation material designed for timber framed residential and light commercial applications. This popular polyester insulation is supplied in packed insulation batts and is pre-cut to fit standard timber framed walls and mid-floor joist spacings.GreenStuf Sound Solution polyester insulation is ideally suited for use in timber framed walls and mid-floor cavities for reducing airborne sound transfer.

Do I need acoustic insulation?

Acoustic insulation can make a huge difference to the home environment, helping to reduce noise transfer between rooms, and hindering unwelcome noise from outside from entering the home, contributing to a more pleasant environment. A thermal R-Value of R2.5 may be more than what is needed for a typical home in a moderate Australian climate zone. As such, it is more commonly used in the internal walls, as an effective acoustic insulation. Consider using it between the walls of bedrooms and bathrooms, and also in any external walls facing towards major roads.

Benefits of GreenStuf Sound Solution R2.5 Batts

GreenStuf R2.5 insulation is Non Toxic, Non Allergenic, Non Irritant, Non flammable, and is naturally resistant to insects and vermin. Each bag of GreenStuf polyester R2.5 insulation includes manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulation. Check out our D.I.Y install page for more general tips and advice on installing your own insulation.