R2.5 Bradford Black Wall Insulation Batts


R2.5 Bradford Black Wall Insulation is soft to touch, easy to install, hypoallergenic and Australian made with sustainable, organic binders.

R-Value Width
2.5 420 90 3.9 8
2.5 570 90 5.3 8
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R2.5 Bradford Black Hypoallergenic Insulation

The first thing most people notice about Bradford Black R2.5 insulation for walls is that it’s white. It’s also fluffy and very soft, and feels almost like cotton wool. Bradford’s innovative manufacturing process gives the Bradford Black R2.5 insulation wall batt its distinct soft texture and pure colour. Using recycled glass and natural, organic binders, CSR has developed an exciting new premium quality insulation made with renewable raw materials for improved sustainability.

Product Features and Benefits of Bradford Black R2.5 Batts

  • Natural organic new binder
  • Soft to touch
  • Not as itchy as other types
  • Easy to install
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sustainably made with renewable raw materials
  • Approved partner of National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program
  • Low odour
  • Comes with a 70 year warranty
  • Non-combustible, i.e. won’t catch fire
  • Meets requirements of AS/NZS4859.1
  • Made in Australia

Pre-Cut to Suit Standard Wall Cavities

The R2.5 insulation batts from Bradford Black are a resilient and compressible glasswool insulation manufactured using environmentally sustainable raw materials and plant-based binders. The batts provide both thermal and acoustic insulation while also being very soft and easy to install in the home. These R2.5 batts  for walls are hi-density, and are supplied in two conventional widths to suit standard housing construction: 420mm width for 450mm stud centres, as well as 570mm width for 600mm stud centres. Experienced installers may note that Bradford black wall batts are 10mm narrower than the standard used in many other brands of insulation, where 430mm and 580mm widths are the most common. High density wall batts like Bradford Black R2.5/420mm don’t compress as easily as standard wall insulation, which is typically softer and more floppy in consistency. The 10mm reduction in width can therefore make installing the insulation batts easier, and of course will not reduce in any way the actual performance of the insulation.

Bradford Black R2.5 insulation wall batts are manufactured to a controlled thickness so they can be used in suitably sized stud framing cavities. They should be retained in position so they do not protrude beyond the wall cavity in external walls. Use string, wall wrap or a similar mechanism during construction to ensure this.