R2.0 Pink Soundbreak™ Soundproofing Insulation


Pink Soundbreak Acoustic Insulation is ideal for reducing sound transfer between rooms and through floors, thus creating quieter living spaces.

R-Value Width Thickness Length Pack
(mm) (mm) (m) (m²)
2 70 430 1160 4.99
2 70 580 1160 6.73
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Acoustic R2.0 Insulation for Walls, Ceilings and Between Floors

Pink Soundbreak Acoustic R2 Insulation is specially designed to provide exceptional acoustic performance in residential buildings. There are two main reasons why our customers ask us for R2.0 thermal and acoustic insulation.

  1. The building is specified as requiring an R-Value of 2.0, but limited to a 70 or 75mm wall cavity (a standard R2.0 is typically 90mm thick.)
  2. The customer wants to reduce the amount of noise transfer either from outside and into the home, or they simply want to lessen the noise transfer level within the home.

Installing acoustic R2 Insulation in external walls and ceiling spaces limits the transfer of external noise into a home. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the insulation will be at keeping your home warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer. With a nominal density range of 24 – 26kg/m3, Pink Soundbreak Acoustic Insulation provides the added benefit of remarkable thermal performance; this improves the energy efficiency of a home which in turn provides energy cost savings. Pink Soundbreak batts range in thickness from 60mm to 110mm.

Lifetime of Benefits

The best time to upgrade your insulation is during the construction stage of a new build as it is too late to install insulation once the plasterboard is fixed. Consider installing Soundbreak acoustic batts in the walls and ceiling of your theatre room, between bedrooms and around bathrooms, toilets and laundry areas. We recommend installing the highest R-value you can afford, but as a minimum we recommend R2.0 Acoustic Soundbreak Insulation between rooms and R2.7 Acoustic Soundbreak Insulation for theatre rooms. Installing hi-density R2 batts below first floor children’s bedrooms or playrooms will also help to create quieter living spaces.

Firm Fit, Less Itch

Pink Soundbreak R2.0 insulation is stiffened to fit snugly between standard spacing wall studs – both timber and steel – making it quick and easy to install and ensuring it remains in place for ongoing thermal and acoustic performance. Pink Soundbreak insulation features a next generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling. Pink Soundbreak R2 batts are non-combustible, low allergen and are made from approximately 80% recycled waste glass.