R1.5 Knauf Earthwool® Thermal Wall Insulation Batts


R1.5 Knauf Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation is softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation for your home.

R-Value Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Pack (m²) Batts
1.5 430 75 21.0 42
1.5 580 75 28.3 42
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R1.5 Earthwool Thermal Walls Batts

Installing thermal insulation in the external walls of the home is not as difficult or costly as you might think. If the vertical wall studs are spaced at 45cm from centre to centre, then we would generally recommend you install at least an R1.5 insulation in the 43cm width in the external walls. At 75mm thick, it fits easily in most wall cavities, providing a moderate level of thermal protection. The best time to insulate both internal and external walls is while the home is being built or renovated. It is usually too expensive to install insulation batts after the walls are lined, as this would effectively involve destroying one side of the wall to gain access to the wall cavity.

Effective Thermal and Acoustic Performance

Themal insulation batts are the traditional insulation solution for external walls, and in addition to the temperature regulating benefits, also help to reduce the transmission of excessive noise from outside. We supply and deliver the following external wall insulation batts both the standard 430mm and 580mm widths, at wholesale prices:

  • R1.5 Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation Batts
  • R2.0 Earthwool Thermal Wall Insulation Batts
  • R2.5HD Earthwool High Density Acoustic 20kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts

Don’t Miss the Itch

The wall batts are packaged in robust, white poly bags, which also include easily understood guidelines for installing wall batts. If you’re intending to install wall insulation yourself, don’t forget to check out Knauf’s DIY Safety Instructions before you commence the job. Earthwool wall batts provide a cost-efficient thermal and sound barrier. They can be easily installed in both timber and metal frame applications in residential structures.

Knauf Earthwool Insulation Batts are becoming increasingly popular with both DIY home builders and commercial installers, due to their softer feel and less itchy handling. Knauf’s “don’t miss the itch” campaign has been successful in highlighting this added benefit. Using advanced technology, Knauf Insulation has managed to develop a glasswool product using longer strands of fibreglass, resulting in less ‘ends’ to cause irritation on the skin.