Knauf Earthwool® Underfloor Insulation Batts


A home insulated with thermal underfloor insulation requires less internal heating and cooling to maintain the desired

R-Value Width
Thickness (mm) Pack
Density (kg/m3)
2.0HD 430 75 10.0 17
2.0HD 580 75 13.5 17
2.5HD 430 90 7.0 20
2.5HD 580 90 9.4 20
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Underfloor insulation to reduce your home’s energy consumption

A better insulated home requires less internal heating and cooling to maintain the desired temperature. This of course lessens the load on air-conditioners and any other heating or cooling appliances. Earthwool Underfloor insulation is available in different R-values to suit practically every climate. Underfloor insulation prices correspond closely to the R-Rating and Density of the insulation; a higher R-Rating and more dense insulation will usually cost more than a more than a lower R-Rating and density.

A new generation Under Floorboard Insulation

Knauf Insulation manufactures a wide range of glass and rock mineral wool products for a variety of applications. As with all the products in the Earthwool range, which includes wall insulation and ceiling insulation, Knauf Earthwool Underfloor insulation is rot-proof, odourless, “non-hygroscopic” (doesn’t absorb air-born moisture), does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. It is chemically neutral, does not contain impurities and comes with a 50 year warranty.

A popular alternative to traditional Glasswool insulation

Knauf Earthwool Insulation has gained increasing popularity with both professional installers and D.I.Y. renovators due to its more comfortable handling. The exceptional compression packaging means more coverage per bag, which reduces handling, transport and storage costs. Earthwool is less dusty and easier to cut and install than traditional types of glasswool insulation.