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Knauf Earthwool® Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts

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Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation

Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation is available in widths of 430mm and 580mm, with each batt measuring 1160mm in length.

Available Options:

  • R1.9 / 14kg/m3 Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts: 75mm thick.
  • R2.0 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts: 75mm thick.
  • R2.5 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts: 90mm thick.
  • R2.7 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts: 90mm thick.
  • R4.0 HD Earthwool Sound Shield Wall Insulation Batts: 140mm thick.

Choosing Acoustic Wall and Sound Insulation

When building, extending, or renovating a home, it is crucial to consider acoustic or sound insulation for walls. Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation Batts come in various thicknesses and densities to accommodate different wall cavities and acoustic requirements. Explore our other Earthwool products, and for information on the acoustic insulation brands we offer, please visit our dedicated page.

Reducing Noise with Sound Insulation

To determine the need for acoustic wall insulation, consider the following questions:

  • Which internal rooms require priority? Typically, walls between adjacent bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundries are given priority.
  • What is the thickness of the wall studs? This determines the maximum achievable R-value and sound insulation benefit.
  • How significant is noise transfer? If you reside in a home with children, upgrading to acoustic insulation may be beneficial.
  • What about external noise? Factors such as barking dogs, lawnmowers, and traffic noise can justify the installation of Earthwool acoustic wall insulation in exterior walls.

The maximum achievable R-value and density for a single layer of insulation installed in a standard 90mm stud is R2.7. These are available in 430mm and 580mm widths to fit standard vertical stud spacing (450mm and 600mm, respectively). Acoustic insulation performance is classified in kilograms per cubic meter. Earthwool Super HD, with a solid 27kg/m3 rating, offers exceptional thermal and acoustic performance and is commonly used in TV rooms and home studios.

Earthwool HD kg/m3 Ratings from 14kg through to 27kg/m3

Earthwool HD kg/m3 Ratings: Oz Homes Insulation offers discounted prices on the following acoustic wall batts in widths of 430mm and 580mm:

  • 14kg/m³ 50mm Acoustic Wall Insulation Batts.
  • 14kg/m³ 75mm Acoustic Wall Insulation Batts.
  • R2.0HD High-Density Acoustic 18kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts.
  • R2.5HD High-Density Acoustic 20kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts.
  • R2.7HD High-Density Acoustic 27kg/m³ Wall Insulation Batts.

Not Sheep Wool – Just Super Soft Glasswool!

The entire range of Earthwool Insulation, including the sound insulation range, is made from glass wool. The recipe primarily consists of sand and recycled glass bottles. Knauf’s innovative binder technology has revolutionized glass wool insulation, using ECOSE technology to bind the microscopically thin glass fibers together. No added colorings or harmful chemicals result in virtually no odor. With its natural earth-brown color and soft texture, Earthwool may resemble sheep’s wool. Still, it is a premium glass wool product designed to provide comfort and performance for homeowners and insulation installers alike.


R-Value Width
2.0 HD430751017
2.0 HD5807513.517
2.5 HD43090720
2.5 HD580909.420
2.7 SHD43090527
2.7 SHD580906.727

Data Sheet

Sound Shield Data Sheet       Material Safety Data Sheet       Installation Instructions       Product Warranty

Csiro Fire Rating Report       Exova Performance Test

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