Knauf Earthwool® FloorShield Underfloor Batts


Earthwool FloorShield Underfloor Batts R2.5 are designed to provide high thermal performance all year round and create a wind-barrier to protect your home from unwanted air draughts.

R-Value Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Pack (m²) Batts
2.5 420 90 2.92 6


Knauf Insulation – Earthwool® FloorShield Underfloor Insulation

Knauf is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing glasswool insulation products since 1978. Earthwool FloorShield underfloor batts provides high thermal performance and is available in a R2.5 rating. Additionally, Earthwool FloorShield protects your home from wind-draughts and air currents as it is protective barrier from fluctuating external weather conditions. This product has sound absorbing capabilities and can reduce noise transfer within your home and provide a sturdy feel to your floor. Knauf Insulation products are popular among both professional installers and D.I.Y renovators due to its comfortable handling and low dust fall-off.

Premium Product Benefits

  • High Thermal performance
  • Windwash barrier
  • Super soft
  • Silicone treated for water repellency

ECOSE® Technology and Other Product Features

Earthwool FloorShield underfloor batts are made from durable silicone coated glasswool and is faced with an ECOSE® glass veil, providing a wind-wash barrier. The wind-wash barrier provides protection from air movement under the floor. Earthwool FloorShield underfloor batt will improve the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the building in which it has been installed thus keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. Earthwool Insulation is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde.

Energy Savings with FloorShield Underfloor Batts

An insulated floor can minimize winter heat losses and summer heat gains by up to 20%. Lowering your energy bills may easier than you first thought! A well-insulated home means you are less dependent on heating and cooling appliances to maintain comfortable internal temperatures. Installing Earthwool FloorShield underfloor batts is an ideal option for DIY home owners who want to save money on power bills and create a comfortable home to relax in.