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Knauf Earthwool® Ceiling Insulation Batts

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Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Insulation

Earthwool Ceiling Insulation is available in widths of 430mm and 580mm, with each batt measuring 1160mm in length.

Available Options:

  • R2.5 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 125mm thick.
  • R3.0 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 145mm thick.
  • R3.5 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 175mm thick.
  • R4.0 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 195mm thick.
  • R5.0 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 210mm thick.
  • R6.0 Earthwool Thermal Ceiling Batts: 275mm thick.

Soft Touch Insulation

Knauf Earthwool roof batts are highly recommended due to their exceptional softness and minimal itchiness among popular glass wool insulation brands. Backed by a 50-year warranty, Earthwool is available in a range of R-Values, starting from R2.5 and going up to R6.0. Rest assured, there is Earthwool ceiling insulation with the appropriate R-Value to suit your home, regardless of its location.

Understanding Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation plays a vital role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment by preventing unnecessary heating and cooling loss through the ceiling. Most roof insulation types, including Knauf Earthwool, are categorized as “bulk insulation.” The thermal insulating properties of bulk roof insulation stem from numerous tiny air pockets within the insulation batts. Generally, a thicker piece of Earthwool insulation corresponds to a higher “R-Rating,” which measures the resistance to heat transfer. The required ceiling insulation depends largely on the climate, with hotter or colder climates often requiring higher R-Values.

Double or Single-Layer Roof Insulation

Roof insulation can be installed in one or more layers. While single-layer installation between the ceiling joists is the most common approach, some homeowners opt for a double-layer strategy by adding insulation perpendicular to the direction of the joists. Before opting for a two-layer approach, it is essential to carefully evaluate the following factors, as this method presents both benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of a double layer:

  • Effective sealing of any missed gaps during the initial installation.
  • Nearly eliminates the impact of thermal bridging.

Disadvantages of a double layer:

  • Requires additional installation time (though only sometimes twice as long).
  • Accessing the roof space is more challenging, as the supporting joists are partially visible.

Weight of Insulation Bags

The bags seem weighty if you’re familiar with traditional glass wool roof insulation and are using Earthwool for the first time. However, the weight is not due to moisture; it results from the compression technology that packs the insulation into the poly bags. A single bag of Knauf Earthwool roof insulation can contain up to twice the square meters of insulation compared to many other common brands, reducing the number of bags installers need to carry into the roof space. Earthwool batts are definitely the way to go for efficiency.

Say Goodbye to Itchiness

Knauf’s Earthwool brand is renowned for its softness and has earned slogans such as “Feel Good Insulation” and “Don’t Miss the Itch.” Installers who have previously worked with insulation will find Earthwool batts unrecognizable as a glass wool product. They are soft to the touch and cause minimal itchiness. Any discomfort experienced while handling Earthwool insulation is simply due to the soft ends of the glass wool fibers rubbing against the skin, which can be easily alleviated with a quick cold water rinse.



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