Knauf Earthwool® Acoustic Mid-Floor Insulation Batts


High density acoustic mid-floor insulation batts are specifically designed to reduce noise transfer between floors in your home and provide high thermal performance.

R-value Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Pack (m2) Batts
2.5 HD 430 90 6.98 14
2.5 HD 580 90 9.42 14
2.7 HD 430 90 4.99 10
2.7 HD 580 90 6.73 10
4.0 HD 430 140 4.49 9
4.0 HD 580 140 6.06 9
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Earthwool® Mid-Floor Insulation Benefits

Knauf Earthwool Acoustic R4.0 Mid-Floor Insulation Batts are available in both 430mm or 580mm widths. Installing mid-floor insulation is an area often forgotten, however there are many great benefits for choosing the right insulation in this area. Knauf Earthwool acoustic mid-floor insulation batts have outstanding thermal and acoustic ratings, reducing noise transfer between floors in your home and creating comfortable internal temperatures. You can also install R2.5 HD and R2.7 SHD wall batts in between the floors of your home, as these acoustic insulation batts are also designed to reduce noise transfer.

Acoustic Insulation Between Floors

Up to 75% of noise levels between adjacent can be reduced by installing acoustic insulation. Loud noises such as washing machines, entertainment systems, and children shouting can disturb the rest of the household. Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Mid-floor insulation batts are relatively easy to install and can create a quieter home to relax in at the end of a busy day.

Environmentally Friendly Earthwool

Earthwool insulation is super-soft to handle and install. Earthwool is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde. There is no colouring added to the insulation or nasty chemicals and Earthwool insulation has practically no smell.