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Greenstuf® Polyester Sound Solution® Acoustic Insulation

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GreenStuf Sound Solution

GreenStuf Sound Solution is a 100% polyester acoustic insulation material designed for timber framed residential and light commercial applications. This popular polyester insulation is supplied in snugly packed insulation batts and is pre-cut to fit standard timber framed walls and mid-floor joist spacings. GreenStuf Sound Solution polyester insulation is ideally suited for use in timber framed walls and mid-floor cavities for reducing airborne sound transfer. It’s a remarkably easy and pleasant product to work with, and when installing it is easily torn to length by hand.

Who Needs Soundproofing Solutions?

GreenStuf acoustic insulation can make a huge difference to the home environment, helping to reduce noise transfer between rooms, and hindering unwelcome noise from outside from entering the home, contributing to a more welcoming home atmosphere. Music rooms, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries – all these rooms and more can benefit from acoustic soundproofing insulation. It’s difficult and costly to install wall sound insulation after the building is finished, so we strongly recommend that you consider installing it before the plaster or other wall lining is in place.

Benefits of GreenStuf Sound Solutions

GreenStuf acoustic insulation is Non Toxic, Non Allergenic, Non Irritant, Non flammable, and is naturally resistant to insects and vermin. Each GreenStuf polyester insulation batt includes manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulation. Check out our D.I.Y install page for more general tips and advice on installing your own insulation.

Wholesale direct to the public

Oz Homes Insulation sells polyester insulation batts in 430mm and 580mm widths at discounted prices direct to the public. Shop online and save money today! It comes in three standard R-values and thicknesses as listed below:

  • R1.5 Sound Solution® 75 Polyester Insulation Batts – 75mm thick
  • R2.0 Sound Solution® 90 Polyester Insulation Batts – 90mm thick
  • R2.5 Sound Solution® 100 Polyester Insulation Batts – 100mm thick

Bulk Order Discounts

We recognise that home owners and builders are often working to tight budget, and we are always happy to negotiate an extra discount on bulk or commercial order quantities. The easiest way to do this is to pick up the phone and call us on 1300 729 639. Have your information ready before you call, including the delivery suburb, and how many bags insulation you will need in which R-Value to complete your project. Pickup from our warehouse is also an option, however you will need to make an appointment beforehand. We have many years experience supplying and delivering insulation and if you advise us in advance of what vehicle you intend to collect your order we will usually be able to confirm whether it will fit your entire order or not.


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Our team are well placed to advise you on the right insulation products for your construction project.

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