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Greenstuf® Polyester Ceiling Insulation

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GreenStuf underfloor insulation is pre-cut to fit new and existing exposed timber joist floors, and is designed for the thermal insulation of residential buildings. GreenStuf is generally made to order, and if you confirm your order in the morning, we are usually able to deliver it to you by the end of the following business day.

GreenStuf – One of the Best Underfloor Insulation Types for Wooden Floors

Following are some interesting facts, information and and also some tips on how to properly and safely install the insulation. The GreenStuf under floor insulation rolls are a purpose designed under timber floor insulation product, and will deliver lifelong comfort and energy savings to the building occupants. Some claim it’s the best underfloor insulation due to comfort of handling.

    • Greenstuf Underfloor Insulation is made entirely from 100% polyester and contains no breathable fibers
    • No protective gear is required to handle this product, however since the underfloor of a house can contain a number of hazards and be prone to excessive dust, it is recommended you consider wearing the usual PPE suitable for such an environment.
    • The recommended PPE may include safety glasses, protective gloves and a dust mask. It’s always a good idea to have a First Aid kit handy.
    • Before starting to install the insulation, install sufficient lighting, and inspect the work area for hazards.
    • Typical hazards may include leaking pipes, exposed wiring, sharp nails or other protruding objects, and even vermin.
    • Read the instructions which accompany each pack of insulation.
    • Where possible, try to isolate power, and regardless, always treat wiring and cables as live. Never staple closer than 50mm to a wire or cable.
    • GreenStuf Underfloor insulation for wooden floors is easily torn to length, but bring a sharp blade knife or scissors for any other trimming work which may be required.
    • You can use a staple-gun with 14mm staples to fix the underfloor insulation to the floor joists. In coast areas, stainless steel staples are recommend.
    • Note that the insulation rolls are designed to be wider than the cavity.

Install the insulation touching the underfloor, but but compressed, as compressing the insulation will reduce its performance. For the first 200mm, staple every 50mm along the joist, about 75mm down from the floor. Butt-join the ends together, and leave a clear 100mm gap around waste pipes for future servicing or repair needs. Also leave 200m around lights. If the underfloor area is likely to be subjected to excessive wind gusts or constant wind, consider lining the underfloor with timber sheeting, once the insulation has been installed.

GreenStuf Insulation at Discount Prices

Pricewise Insulation sells the following polyester underfloor insulation at discounted prices. The minimum order for either product is 7 bags, which is enough to insulate an underfloor approximately 110m2.

  • R1.5 Greenstuf Polyester Underfloor Rolls (90mm x 450mm x 11.6m) – Available by Request
  • R2.0 Greenstuf Polyester Underfloor Rolls (120mm x 450mm x 11.6m)
  • R2.5 Greenstuf Polyester Underfloor Rolls (120mm x 450mm x 11.6m)

Autex Greenstuf is one of the best underfloor insulation products on the market.

Acoustic Bonus with Bulk Under Floor Insulation

GreenStuf Underfloor is a bulk insulation product. It can also be installed between the floors of a double or multi-story house, where it will also help to reduce airborne sound between floors, and to some extent will also quieten any booming noise from footfall. It is without question the most pleasant to work with of all our underfloor insulation brands, and is a highly recommend product. Interested in other GreenStuf Insulation products? We also sell GreenStuf ceiling and GreenStuf wall insulation batts at the markets best prices. Contact us for further information. We can deliver Greenstuf Underfloor insulation for wooden floors in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.


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