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Bradford™ Polymax Acoustic Insulation Batts

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R2.5 Polymax Acoustic Insulation – Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Bradford Polymax Acoustic insulation reduces noise transfer while also improving the thermal performance of your home. Its higher density helps keep noise in its place and it is ideal for use in exterior walls, ceilings and underfloors (or subfloors) to reduce disturbance from traffic, aircraft or neighbours. Installed in interior walls and between storeys, Bradford Polymax Acoustic also helps keep the peace inside your home. It is perfect for creating quiet zones like bedrooms and studies and prevents noise from escaping rooms like home theatres.

Up to 40% Sound Reduction

Polymax Acoustic Insulation is lightweight and soft to handle. The R1.5 batts are 75mm thick, the R2.0 insulation batts are available in both 75mm and 90mm thicknesses and the R2.5 batts are 90mm thick. Bradford polyester insulation is designed to fit most residential timber frames in Australia. It can be torn or cut to size where needed.

Isolate rooms with polyester soundproofing insulation

Acoustic polyester insulation can be used to help isolate rooms within your home. The higher the density (kg/m3) and thickness of the insulation, the better the acoustic performance. Insulating all the internal walls can help to achieve a more snug and peaceful home. Installing acoustic plasterboard instead of standard plasterboard will also help to reduce sound travel within the home. Polymax Acoustic polyester can also be installed between floors of double storey homes.

Sound insulation in new homes

Noise travel is a common issue within the modern Australia home. In recent years there has been a shift towards open plan living, lighter building materials and hard timber floors. The rising cost of land in capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane means that housing densities have increased and people are living closer together. The challenge is not only to keep down noise levels within the home, but also to reduce noise between neighbours.

The benefits of installing Polymax Acoustic

  • Premium thermal and sound proofing insulation
  • A quieter and more comfortable home
  • Noise control by reducing sound transmission between rooms
  • Lightweight packs
  • 100% polyester
  • No itch
  • Easy and soft to handle
  • Low allergen and VOC free
  • Made from up to 80% recycled material
  • No waste is generated in manufacture
  • Made in Australia by CSR Martini for CSR Bradford
  • No waste is generated in manufacture.
  • No ozone-depleting gases or water is used in manufacture


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