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Bradford Black Ceiling Insulation Batts

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CSR Bradford Black R4.1 Insulation for Ceilings

CSR Bradford has a long and proud history of manufacturing insulation and other quality building materials in Australia. The new R4.1 Insulation is white, fluffy and very soft, almost like cotton wool. Bradford’s innovative manufacturing process gives R4.1 insulation its distinctive softness and pure colour. Using recycled glass and natural, organic binders, CSR Bradford has created an exciting brand new top quality insulation, utilising renewable raw materials for improved sustainability.

National Asthma Council Sensitive Choice Approved

The R4.1 insulation branded Bradford Black is hypoallergenic and is approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program, making it suitable for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers. Bradford Black R4.1 batts  is manufactured in Australia by CSR Bradford using sustainable, world class manufacturing technology with renewable raw materials. Like all products by CSR Bradford, R4.1 Bradford Black insulation batts comply with all local standards. It is non-combustible and in the event of an unexpected outbreak of fire it can even assist to hinder the spread of flames.

Product Features of Bradford Black R4.1 Batts

  • Natural organic new binder
  • Soft to touch and less itchy
  • Easy to install
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sustainably made with renewable raw materials
  • Approved partner of National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program
  • Low odour
  • 70 year warranty
  • Won’t catch fire
  • Meets the requirements of AS/NZS4859.1
  • Made in Australian made.

Approved by the National Asthma Council

R4.1 Bradford Black is approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program, making it suitable for use in homes with asthma and allergy sufferers. These insulation batts are made with natural binders that are better for the environment and exhibit hypoallergenic
properties. The product is low in odour, does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and uses no ozone depleting products in the manufacturing process.

Easy to Install

R4.1 Bradford Black ceiling batts are a resilient and compressible glasswool insulation manufactured using environmentally sustainable raw materials and plant-based binders. The R4.1 batts provide both thermal and acoustic insulation while also being very soft and easy to install in the home. Bradford Black R4.1 batts are supplied in two standard widths to suit typical housing design: 430mm width for joists spaced at 450mm centres, as well as 580mm width for joists spaced at 600mm centres. Install Bradford Black R4.1 ceiling batts by laying them on top of the ceiling in between the ceiling joists. In new homes, the batts can also be installed from underneath before the ceiling is fixed into place.



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