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Autex Greenstuf Soffit & Slab Liner (ASL) – Group 1 Insulation

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Autex Soffit & Slab Liner (ASL) – Group 1 Insulation

GreenStuf® Autex Soffit and Slab Liner (ASL) has been engineered as a thermal and acoustic lining for masonry soffit type applications. ASL is designed to improve the thermal and energy efficiency of the building envelope. GreenStuf® ASL Group 1 Insulation will also assist in the control of reverberation levels and noise spill. GreenStuf® ASL Group 1 Insulation is designed to be installed to the underside of masonry and metal pan floors and ceilings.

Autex ASL Group 1 Insulation – Applications

GreenStuf ASL is designed to be installed to the underside of masonry and metal pan floors and ceilings to improve thermal performance and energy effiiency of the building. GreenStuf ASL Group 1 Insulation will help lower noise levels by controlling reverberation times in enclosed spaces and reduce noise spill to external areas.To ensure building code compliance architects and building designers are advised to consult an engineer or the relevant Australian Standards before specifying thermal and acoustic insulation products.

Colours – Greenstuf ASL Group 1 Insulation

GreenStuf ASL Group 1 Insulation is available as standard in the following colours; Flint (Light Grey) & Charcoal (Dark Grey). GreenStuf ASL Group 1 Insulation is non-woven and some colour blending variation is typical batch to batch and throughout each production lot. This is an inherent feature of the product and is not considered a manufacturing fault.

Thermal Performance

GreenStuf ASL Insulation declared thermal performance ratings have been laboratory tested to the requirements of ASTM C518 using the procedures of ASTM C653, including modifications specified in AS/NZS 4859.1.

Fire Regulation and Fire Ratings

GreenStuf insulation may not be suitable for all applications, as stipulated in the NCC. Please consult a fire engineer when specifying GreenStuf insulation or contact Oz Homes Insulation for further information.

AS ISO 9705: 2003
Australian Group Number: Group 1
SMOGRARC: less than 100m2 /s2
Compliant to AS5637.1 and tested using test method AS ISO 9705 as required by BCA specification C1.10


GreenStuf Insulation has a 50 Year Durability Warranty. When installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, GreenStuf insulation will satisfy the 50 year durability criteria for minimum design life as set out in the ABCB guidance document Durability in Buildings including Plumbing Installations 2015 (section 3.4).

Foil Faced GreenStuf ASL – Contact Oz Homes Insulation

GreenStuf ASL is supplied un-faced as standard. GreenStuf ASL can be factory laminated with a fire compliant E-Foil Facing on request. Please give Oz Homes Insulation a call on 1300 383 802 for more information.

Acoustic Performance

GreenStuf ASL will assist in reducing reverberant noise in enclosed spaces such as carparks and basements or where it is left directly exposed in ceiling applications. GreenStuf ASL acoustic performance testing has been carried out in a laboratory environment. On-site results could vary depending on the system design, product handling and quality of installation.

Technical Information

Building Regulations: GreenStuf ASL will assist in meeting the following provisions of the NCC:

NCC Volume One – BCA Class 2-9 Buildings

Section J – Energy Efficiency: Performance requirement JP1
Section F – Health and Amenity: Sound Transmission and Insulation. Performance requirement FP 5.1 and FP 5.4
NCC Volume Two – BCA Class 1 and Class 10 Buildings
Part 2.6 – Energy Efficiency: Performance requirement P 2.6.1
Part 3.8.6 – Health and Amenity, Sound Insulation:
Performance requirements P 2.4.6.


All GreenStuf products are manufactured using 100% polyester fibre and contain a minimum of 50% previously recycled fibre (from PET plastic). GreenStuf products are manufactured under Autex’s Zero Waste Programme where all manufacturing waste is recycled back into the production process. GreenStuf products are Global GreenTag GreenRate Level A certified

and have been awarded Global GreenTag’s Platinum Product Health Declaration. GreenStuf is also Declare certified to be Red List chemical free and can be used in Living Building Challenge projects.


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