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Autex Greenstuf® Polyester Baffleblock Insulation Rolls

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By installing GreenStuf® Baffle block Insulation above new or existing Sound Transmission Rated (STC) walls you can enhance the acoustic privacy between spaces. GreenStuf® Baffleblock® is easy to install and will mould itself around existing ducting and services, eliminating gaps and holes as potential sound paths. The performance and design of GreenStuf® BaffleBlock Insulation has been engineered to supply a tested and proven sound control system. GreenStuf Baffleblock Insulation is a 100% polyester acoustic insulation product designed to be layer stacked above partition walls to reduce sound transmission through the ceiling plenum space and is supplied as rolls pre-cut to 600mm wide.

Installing Baffle Block Insulation

Greenstuf Baffleblock from Autex is designed for use above new or existing STC rated partition walls to enhance the acoustic privacy between spaces. The rolls must be installed with at least enough compression to ensure stack stability and a tight fit to all surfaces including concrete slab, ceiling or the floor above. No gaps to be allowed through the stack. Baffleblock can be installed to a height of 1m without specialist design considerations.

Above this height consideration must be given to the stack stability and weight loading restrictions on the ceiling tiles and grid system. Other options are available for plenum heights above 1m. Where the ceiling plenum is used as an active return for the air conditioning system, ensure airflow is not significantly reduced. It is recommended you consult the Mechanical Services Engineer to ensure the use of an acoustic block will not result in a loss of effective air movement. Existing services, ducting, ceiling grid supports and fire control and detection devices must not be affected by the installation. Acoustic baffle block should not be used where temperatures exceed 160ºC. Where flues or similar heat emitting items pass through the insulation, a 200mm venting gap should be left between that item and the insulation.



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