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48kg/m³ Autex GreenStuf® Polyester Acoustic Blanket (AAB)


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GreenStuf® Polyester AA Blanket – 48kg/m³ Acoustic Panels

AA Blanket also known as RT Blanket is a range of 100% polyester acoustic insulation engineered to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors. This kind of acoustic sound panel can be left exposed or installed behind perforated panels including slotted timber and metal ceiling systems to improve acoustic performance.

Helping reduce unwanted acoustic reflections and lowering reverberation times in building interiors. AA Blanket can be directly fixed to most common substrates or installed behind perforated and slotted panels to improve the acoustic performance of these type of products. AA Blanket will contribute to increasing the thermal performance of the building by increasing the R-Value of the wall or ceiling system. AA Blanket is a thermally bonded acoustic sound panel that will provide an industrial type finish. Where a high quality aesthetic look is required, we recommend the Quietspace® Panel, please contact us for more information and a personalised quote.

The turnaround time is between 2 and 5 business days. Should you require a slightly lesser quantity or would like the soundproof panels cut to a different length or width, please contact us to discuss.The acoustic paneling sheets are unfaced, and can be cut to size with a sharp serrated blade.

50mm Insulation – Noise and reverberation control

The Autex sound insulation panels are are made from a dense polyester material, and absorb practically all reverberating noise. They provide the perfect cost effective solution to any area where excessive noise reverberation is a problem. It is usually not desirable to remove all reverberation from any environment, and the amount of reverberating noise which is deemed to be acceptable will depend on many factors. For example, some noise reverberation in a bustling café may be considered to contribute to the overall atmosphere, whereas the same level of noise in a library or commercial office may be considered a disturbance, and soundproofing panels would be considered a priority.

How the acoustic panels work?

Sound waves travel away from the source of noise and in enclosed areas may bounce repeatedly between hard surfaces. Angled surfaces, and soft, dense objects such as carpet, furniture and heavy curtains, all help to reduce the unwanted effects end reverberation of sound. The acoustic material in the acoustic insulation panels absorbs practically all reverberating noise, and when installed correctly can greatly contribute to a pleasant and acoustically balanced environment. Fiberglass soundproofing works on a similar principle, but this kind of insulation sits behind the lining of the wall.

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