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Established in 2015, Oz Homes Insulation has been leading providers of attic, roof space & cavity cleaning and insulation solutions for residential, commercial and industrial roof spaces & attics, cavities in Melbourne. We work with builders, pest controllers, air conditioner installers, sound-proofers, demolition teams and individuals.

Old loose fill insulation can present a fire hazard in some situations, is prone to absorbing and retaining moisture, is often treated with chemicals which are bad for your health and can harbour vermin. If you are considering installing modern insulation into your home, it is worth considering removal of the old insulation first. We have had professional vacuum machinery developed and purpose built for extraction of loose fill, and we have a reputation for delivering a top rate service, leaving a clean roof space after extraction. 

We specialise in the removal and disposal of;
Health Risks

Not only is replacing your insulation important from a climate perspective but old insulation may pose a health risk to some people.

As you can imagine over several years the build up of dust, dirt and rubbish as well as vermin fesses and nests can be quite significant and with no roof cavity airtight these hazards can seep through even the smallest of cracks, not to mention things such as ventilation fans, light fittings, ducts etc spreading unwanted germs into the air in your house. For those of you who suffer from Asthma/Dust allergies the dust build up in your roof area can be a major health risk and the removal of this preventable trigger can help you breath easy and leave you with less irritation.

The type of insulation that you have in your roof can also have different effects on people’s health; the newer material used has less allergy triggers and in some cases is allergy free. 


As you can see, keeping that old insulation around can carry a lot of risks. Besides, the older the insulation, the less effective it is at insulating your home. So if you have an older home and suspect that it may still have old insulation, give it a once over, and with these tips you’ll be on your way to an energy-efficient, healthier home in no time!
Once removing all existing insulation out of a roof space you can then install new insulation, installing new insulation reduces average home heating and cooling costs by around 30% and reduces the burden of increasing energy prices. Furthermore, the cost of installing insulation pays for itself in around 3-5 years through reduced energy bills, and payback time will improve as energy costs rise over time.