About Us

Oz Homes Insulation is a team of well trained, professional installers working in the field of commercial, Industrial and residential insulation. With years of experience, Oz Homes Insulation is a company you can trust to keep your home cool in summer, and warm in the winter.

Wholly Australian owned and operated, Oz Homes Insulation is here to work with you. We are committed to Victorian homeowners and builders, and will work carefully to satisfy your needs. We are insulation specialists and are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our management team are equipped with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the insulation industry and we draw on the depth of experience provided by our extended team of trusted contractors who understand all facets of insulation installation.

Oz Homes Insulation provide a wide range of insulation products and services, we are also always available to provide free advice on the best insulation option for all your insulation needs. Our services include:

  • Choice between DIY or professional installation
  • Supply of insulation of all types
  • Expert energy efficient design
  • Assessment of noise control options
  • Manufacturers’ guarantees
  • Public liability insurance
  • Certificates of compliance

Our top quality insulation products and use of only the best brands make homes and commercial properties more comfortable and energy efficient. Our qualified staff are dedicated, efficient and very experienced – meeting all the industry regulatory requirements. Contact us for a free quote off the plan, today.